Parasoft launches SOA test suite

SOAtest 5.5 is designed to improve software quality in service-oriented architectures across Microsoft and open standards

Parasoft on Tuesday launched a collaborative test suite called SOAtest 5.5, which aims to improve software quality in service-oriented architectures (SOAs).

Improved testing tools that address the root causes of software errors are starting to come to the fore as development teams work in increasingly complex service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments such as Microsoft's .NET and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

SOAtest 5.5 allows .NET developers to exercise messages in multiple open protocols as well as the proprietary Microsoft standards. Parasoft SOAtest 5.5 integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, allowing developers to share, manage and execute projects, receiving results directly into Visual Studio.

The tool is built with an automated capability to create intelligent stubs. The intelligent stubs emulate the behaviour of a running system, allowing the developer to test services in the context of an application's actual behaviour and not on the live running system.

Parasoft's co-founder and chief executive, Adam Kolawa, argued that a peer code review should form part of the automated process, even for geographically distributed development teams. "As systems evolve and become more complex, developers are more wary about making changes to code. If developers want their code to stand the test of time, development teams need it to be reviewed not only automatically, but also with the finest analysis instrument of all — the human brain," he said.

Parasoft SOAtest 5.5 is available for Windows, Linux and Solaris.