Parking in Houston? There's an app for that

Houston has a new parking system at all city metered spots that makes it a snap to pay for parking using any phone.

Even though it is one of the largest cities in the U. S., and home to many high-tech industries, Houston is not always on the cutting edge of technology for city services. That changes with a new program unveiled that makes it a snap to pay for city metered parking using any phone.

The program is through an arrangement with, and has some handy features for those who frequently park at city spots, such as downtown Houston. Those with iPhones, BlackBerrys, or Android phones can use a free app to pay for parking at any city meter. Those still using old-school dumb phones can pay for parking by calling (877) 727-5953 on those phones.

To use this pay-by-phone system you must first sign up with Parkmobile and download the app if you are going to use that method to pay for parking. Each parking space is clearly marked with a number that is entered when paying for parking to get you good to go. One of the coolest features of this method is the system will notify your phone when your paid parking has 15 minutes left. If you need more time you can pay to extend the parking session right from your phone, no need to head back to the car and meter.

It's great to see Houston get high-tech, especially in such a way that will really make life easier for those using this service.

[via Houston Chronicle]