'Pay-as-you-drive road tax won't succeed'

So say silicon.com readers...

So say silicon.com readers...

silicon.com readers have been vocal in their disapproval of the recently announced pay-as-you-drive system of road tax and now the majority also say the government will not succeed in launching it.

According to a recent reader poll, 65 per cent of respondents believe the government won't pull off the proposed car tax tracking scheme.

Around 25 per cent were less certain, saying it was 'too soon to tell'. And, like it or not, the remaining 10 per cent do believe the government will succeed in launching the scheme.

Controversy has surrounded the new road tax plan since it was announced by Transport Secretary Alistair Darling last week.

silicon.com readers have criticised it for everything from being yet another tax on motorists to Big Brother fears of the government tracking citizens' every move.

At the same time, a recent MORI survey - undertaken before Darling's announcement - revealed half of respondents support a road-user charging scheme, and nearly three-quarters would be happy having a 'black box' in their car to track their road usage.

The silicon.com poll consisted of responses from 411 readers.