PayPal brings One Touch buying to the web

The payments giant previously rolled out One Touch for native mobile last September.


PayPal on Tuesday announced changes to its payment service on the web that the company hopes will streamline the online purchase process.

With One Touch for Web, PayPal is allowing customers to check out from a merchant's website with a single click.

Once a shopper enters their information upon initial login, they can continue to make purchases on other sites without needing to re-enter that information because it will be stored and shared between supported online stores. As noted in the image above, the service is opt-in.

The program is an extension of One Touch for native mobile, which PayPal rolled out last September. Touted as "the industry's first single touch payment experience on iOS and Android," PayPal says the mobile iteration delivered solid conversion rates for companies such as StubHub and Airbnb, allegedly in the double digits.

While single click payment isn't really new to the web -- think Amazon 1-Click -- it is vast improvement to the often laborious purchase process still common throughout the internet. It also gives PayPal a leg up on the competition.

PayPal rival Stripe is consistently gaining ground in the space, with brands such as Reddit and Shopify implementing its service. And in terms of Apple Pay, today's One Touch for web rollout means PayPal was the quicker of the two to transition from mobile apps to websites.

PayPal says One Touch for Web will be automatically enabled for most of its current merchants, which means it won't depend entirely on merchant adoption, as was the case with the native mobile version. According to PayPal, some 165 million customers will gain access to the feature, first in the US and internationally over the next few months.

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