PayPal eases entry to mobile payments with NYC pop-up shop

PayPal is giving its new mobile payments platform a soft launch with a pop-up store in New York City.

Pop-up shops have become powerful marketing tools in the last few years to showcase particular products and brands by a variety of retailers and businesses ranging from Target to Pop Tarts.

Why not take that concept and apply it to a payments platform itself? PayPal is doing just that with a pop-up store of its own in New York City, according to TechCrunch. The AOL-owned blog reports that the Manhattan shop will invite merchants to come check out real-time, point-of-sale demos and a hands-on look at the technology in place.

PayPal recently revealed some details about its virtual wallet offering, which is tied to PayPal's existing database of 100 million active online accounts. Users will be able to either swipe PayPal-issued cards or enter their phone number with pin numbers for payment completion.

Per the daily deal trend, other features will include location-based and in-store offers.

The concept is likely a good one for PayPal. This soft launch gives merchants who have the chance and resources to make it to the Tribeca store to see the platform for themselves. It has the potential to ease the worries and concerns that vendors might have when it comes to mobile payments, especially as PayPal's senior director of mobile Laura Chambers recently warned that merchants have already been burned by the experience of paying for terminals to support NFC chips on credit cards when so few people can actually take advantage of this method.

We should expect to see more about PayPal's mobile payments platform during eBay's X.commerce Innovate Conference next week.


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