PayPal rolls out an invoicing extension for Messenger

The feature lets sellers on Facebook create and send invoices to customers directly within a conversation on Messenger.


PayPal is expanding its ties to the Facebook Messenger platform with a new chat extension for invoicing. The feature lets sellers on Facebook create and send invoices to customers directly within a conversation on Messenger.

The feature is a follow up to another integration announced last month that brought person-to-person payments into Messenger via PayPal.

PayPal's previous efforts with Facebook include a partnership between its subsidiary Braintree and Uber which allows customers to hail and pay for an Uber ride directly from the Messenger app. Since 2016, Messenger users have had PayPal as a payment option when making purchases on the platform via third-party chatbots.

"We will continue partnering across the ecosystem to help simplify payment experiences and create seamless connections between consumers and merchants wherever commerce might be occurring," PayPal director or product, Shilpa Dhar, wrote in a blog post.

Financial services already have a large presence on Facebook Messenger. The social networking giant launched payments on Messenger in 2015, and his year Facebook bolstered Messenger's P2P payments capabilities by letting app users send or receive money between groups of people. Facebook also rolled out M, a limited version of its AI assistant that offers help with a handful of specific tasks, including paying or requesting money.

To use PayPal's invoicing extension, users must open the extension tray, select PayPal and create the invoice with details including item name, description, price, and quantity. From there, the seller sends the invoice, the buyer receives it and presses "Pay with PayPal" to complete the transaction.


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