PC World offers configure-your-own service

Dixons Group launched a "build-your-own" service for consumers that is designed to let shoppers tailor their PCs at factory prices.

Called Advent Configurator, the system resembles an Internet site and allows customers to pick-and-mix their own PC system. The service, launched yesterday, will be available at six PC World stores. The launch comes hot on the heels of a move by the Group to sell cheap, own-branded Cyrix-based PCs in the run up to Christmas.

The Advent Configurator offers a choice of 864 different permutations. The customer chooses a basic model from the Home, Office or Ultimate categories. From there, shoppers can choose specifications such as processor, memory, hard disk and monitor. The system has a "jargon dictionary" which spells out breaks down the jargon into simple English for first time buyers.

The Configurator automatically calculates the cost and adjusts this as kit is added or removed. Delivery is within 10 working days. PC World managing director David Hamid hopes the scheme will be a success.

"The Configurator allows customers to select precisely the PC to suit their needs. Because each PC is built to order, the very latest components are used and we can offer high specification products at direct factory prices" he said.

The system is due to go live in all PC World stores on November 16.