Pebble adds Misfit activity tracking and Jawbone connects your wrist to your Nest

Pebble and Jawbone have open platforms for development and today's announcements show they are both making efforts to compete in the wearable market.

The Google I/O keynote is tomorrow and all indications are that we will hear a lot more about Android Wear. Thus, today's news from Pebble and Jawbone related to their wearable products is timely and both show current wearables offer a lot of value and should still be considered.

I use both a Pebble smartwatch and a Jawbone UP24 , but have often wanted to just stick with a single device for my smartwatch and activity tracking needs. Today, one company announced they may just have addressed that need while the other showed me there is even more functionality than I thought I could get out of a wearable.

Pebble becomes an activity tracker

Pebble smartwatch and Jawbone UP24 announce enhanced wearable functionality
Image: Pebble

I have an original Kickstarter Pebble and I enjoy it for its smartwatch functionality. When Pebble opened up their SDK and launch version 2.0 of their software the first thing I wanted to see was Fitbit, Runkeeper, or some other service provider add in native activity tracking. Today, we hear that Misfit stepped up to the plate to create the Misfit watchapp.

With this app on your Pebble you can track your steps and daily activity goal without having a phone companion app. An upcoming iOS app will add in the ability to view other metrics such as calories burned and distance traveled while supporting daily activity goal setup. The app looks basic, but if you wear a Fitbit or other device primarily for step counting then you may be able to just stick with your Pebble.

There are also other apps available for the Pebble that support things like sleep tracking. We may see other partnerships from activity tracking companies, but many of them are also in the hardware business so may not be too enthusiastic about making the Pebble a better piece of hardware.

Jawbone UP24 works with Nest

I bought a Nest when they were first available and it is my home thermostat. I am also an UP24 user because I like the way they capture and present activity data while integrating my Runkeeper data. Today, they announced the capability for the UP24 to "talk" to the Nest in order to adjust your home temperature based on when you go to bed and when you wake up.

Image: Jawbone

The UP24 connects to your iOS and Android smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy so when you enter sleep mode or wake up this action is sent to your phone. Your phone, through the UP app, then sends the signal to your Nest and action is taken on the Nest. You can setup temperatures for the Nest within the utility in the UP app.

This is a very interesting take on wearables and I like seeing Jawbone provide this kind of helpful functionality. I know I sleep a lot better in a cooler house, but then like having a bit of warmth when I wake up.

I have been meaning to get my Kickstarter-backed SmartThings gear installed in my new house and with their recent UP24 support I think it is the right time to get going since my SmartThings and my Nest can all be integrated into my UP24.

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