Pebble Appstore launching in early 2014

The Pebble smartwatch is arguably the most popular product in this category. As they continue active developer support, a new Appstore will be launching in early 2014 to help promote and give exposure to developer efforts.

Pebble Appstore launching in early 2014
Image: Pebble

I love using my Pebble smartwatch and am excited to see what will be coming in 2014 with their new Pebble Appstore announced today.

In a previous post I wrote about the release of SDK 2.0 that included access to four major new APIs, Javascript, the accelerometer, data logging, and persistent storage. This new Pebble Appstore will allow developers to showcase their new applications and make it a place for Pebble owners to find their favorite new apps.

The new Appstore has categories for Sports & Fitness, Daily, Remotes, Games, Notifications, and Tools & Utilities. In addition to being a smartwatch user, I also like using activity trackers and with SDK 2.0 I may finally see a fitness app that lets me just wear my Pebble without having to also carry a tracker.

Paid applications will not be supported in this new Pebble Appstore, however companion apps for iOS and Android that appear in those respective stores can be paid apps. Third party app stores, such as the excellent will continue to work as the folks at Pebble appreciate all of the hard work of developers and enthusiasts.

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