Pebble for Android 2.0 is now available in the Google Play Store

Pebble rolled out the iOS version of Pebble 2.0 last month and has been working hard to get the Android version out. You can now download and install the new Pebble app on your Android device and enjoy the new apps and functions.

Pebble for Android 2.0 is now available in the Google Play Store
Image: Pebble

Last month I tried out the Pebble appstore on my iPhone 5s , but have since passed that phone to my daughter and have been unable to use my Pebble. Thankfully, Pebble just released the lastest update for Android that includes support for the appstore, as well as new major application partners.

You can now visit the Google Play Store to get version 2.0.12 for your Android device. The Pebble blog post has all the release notes for Pebble for Android 2.0 with the main feature being the support for Pebble apps.

They also announced three new partners, including eBay, Evernote, and TimeWarner Cable. I am personally most interested in Evernote and look forward to trying that out on my Pebble connected to my custom Moto X. I understand the Evernote app gives you access to checklists, reminders, and even notebooks.

I know this doesn't apply to a ton of folks, but Kickstarter backers like me may have more than one Pebble and this current version supports a single Pebble watch so make sure to decide which one you want to use with your Android phone.

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