Pebble Time Steel production begins with delivery later in July

Backers of the Pebble Time Steel model should see tracking numbers in the coming weeks although not all orders will be fulfilled this month.

Now that Pebble has delivered most of its Pebble Time watches and started retail pre-orders for the smartwatch, it's preparing to deliver a steel version.

The company previously announced that the Pebble Time Steel would ship in July but not everyone who ordered the metal watch will get it this month. That's because production is just starting this week.


In a blog post on Monday, Pebble said that it will fill Pebble Time Steel purchases in the order they were received. So if you ordered early, you may see delivery by month-end. The company says that before August 31, every person who ordered the $250 watch would have a tracking number. Those that didn't pre-order should expect to pay the expected retail price of $299.

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Like the Pebble Time, the steel model uses Pebble's unique Timeline interface and works with both Google Android and Apple iOS devices.

That cross-platform support is useful for people like me that swap their SIM cards between iPhones and Android handsets. Even so, I've decided to sell my Pebble Time.

It's not a bad device by any means. The battery life is stellar, going between five and seven days on a charge. The e-paper screen is great outdoors as well; a place where typical displays are often difficult to read. And it's the most comfortable smartwatch I've ever worn.

Unfortunately, I find both the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices do more of what I need. And I already own both, having purchased an Apple Watch Sport model and a Sony Smartwatch 3. When I swap SIM cards then, I simply swap watches as well. I might feel otherwise if the Pebble Time watches were a little less expensive.

That's just me though. There's definitely a market for the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, particularly for people that don't want to plug in their smartwatch each night or want the Timeline interface. And if you're one of those people and you pre-ordered a Pebble Time Steel, you don't have long to wait for it.