Pebble update enables full activity, sleep tracking; support for Misfit, Jawbone, and

Pebble continues to be my favorite smartwatch. With this software update, users can now leave their activity tracker behind and reduce the number of items on their wrist.

On Tuesday, Pebble will be kicking the UP24 off wrists and onto iPhones.

The new software update for the Pebble and Pebble Steel will enable full activity tracking and sleep monitoring. Initial health and fitness offerings will be provided by Misfit, Jawbone, and

As stated in the Pebble press release:

The Misfit app for Pebble has been updated to enable continuous, round­the­clock activity tracking and sleep monitoring (thanks to Pebble’s class­leading multi­day battery life). Jawbone is launching its own activity tracking watchface for Pebble called Up. is the first watch app that allows users to measure distance, pace, times, strokes, and efficiency while swimming with their Pebble and automatically sync this data with their phone and the cloud when returning to the locker room (this is where Pebble’s 5 ATM water­resistance comes in handy).

Earlier this month, Jawbone released an UP24 update and also confirmed it will release a multi-platform version of the UP app. This Pebble update will be one of the first cases of this support. I also just received an update for my iPhone that enabled UP integration with Apple Health.

The Pebble remains my  favorite smartwatch  and the  UP24  is my favorite activity tracker. 

Pebble is also expanding to more retail stores, including Sam's Club, Fry's Electronics, and Sprint. The price of the original Pebble is also dropping to just $99 with the Pebble Steel at $199. I am enjoying my original Kickstarter Pebble, but am considering a Pebble Steel at this price.