Peer1 and Tier3 partner to bring you VMware-based Cloud hosting

In a baffling but wise move by two prominent hosting companies, Peer1 and Tier3, you now have the option of hosting your services on VMware infrastructure.

I interviewed Jared Wray, CEO and founder of Tier3 and Peer1 Hosting's Senior VP of Sales, Jay Newman and his Senior VP of Business Development, Robert Miggins on their new collaborative effort to bring you another cloud hosting choice: VMware.

While VMware may seem an odd choice for a cloud hosting company, I think you'll find that these two hosting providers know what they're doing in this space.

If you're like me, the first question you asked is, "VMware? Isn't the price prohibitive?" The answer is not for large companies that want to leverage the very best in cloud hosting services. Price is always a concern but you'd be surprised how much less significant it is than other issues such as uptime, reliability and geographic diversity. The people who really know what they need know to ask the right questions. 

Peer1 and Tier3 VMware Cloud Hosting Partnership Podcast

Podcast details: Length: 32:33 mins. MP3 format. Rated G for all audiences.