Pegasystems aims for more transparent AI

Pegasystems launches tools to help enterprises better explain the logic behind their algorithms as the General Data Privacy Regulation looms.

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Pegasystems is launching tools designed to make artificial intelligence usage and algorithms more transparent and enable enterprises to better track usage.

The company, which makes customer relationship and engagement software, said the latest release of its Customer Decision Hub is designed to allow customers to deploy AI algorithms based on transparency thresholds in their business.

Pegasystems dubbed the feature a T-Switch designed to meet compliance requirements and curb risks. Pegasystems AI management tools work with the company's CRM applications.

AI's promise is that companies can differentiate customer service and engagement with the technology. AI can provide more personalization and engage customers throughout the sales funnel. The catch is that AI can also be a black box where the logic behind the software is unclear.

Enter General Data Privacy Regulation in Europe. One GDPR requirement is that companies have to explain the logic behind their AI models when using European Union customer data. GDPR roughly requires companies to know where customer data resides at all times.

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It remains to be seen if Pegasystems AI transparency move gets a boost by GDPR, but enterprises could use the visibility regardless.

Pegasystems' Customer Decision Hub, which will get the AI transparency tools at the end of October, will use a sliding scale interface to rate AI transparency. There are also controls for transparency of AI models.

In addition, Pegasystems also rolled out new tools to create, import, manage and monitor AI models via a control center for AI. New tools also allow for better predictions on customer behavior and decision automation. There are also analytics for text, sentiment and intent.

Here's a look at two screens of the Customer Decision Hub:


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