Pegatron steps up hiring for iPhone 6 production: report

Reports suggest that one of Apple's suppliers, Pegatron, is ramping up hiring in order to meet orders to manufacture the iPhone 6.

Credit: Apple

Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron is investing in additional factory space and workers in order to cope with the high demand anticipated for the iPhone 6.

According to reports, the smaller Foxconn rival -- which produces the iPhone and iPad for Apple -- is scheduled to start production of the new flagship phone in the second quarter. However, no date, specifications or price have been leaked concerning Apple's anticipated mobile gadget.

Citing anonymous sources, Chinese paper Commercial Times reported that Pegatron and Foxconn will be the primary manufacturers of the new iPhone, but did not specify how many units will be produced at Pegatron's factory in Shanghai, or how many workers will eventually be recruited.

Pegatron chief financial officer and spokesman Charles Lin had no comment to make on the report.

While Foxconn -- also known as Hon Hai Industries -- is the world's largest electronics contract manufacturer and main maker of iPhones and iPads, Pegatron has been slowly chipping away at this dominance, managing to secure additional work from the tech giant.

By allowing for lower profit margins per unit produced, Pegatron is likely offering a better deal for Apple -- which bodes well for long-term prospects.