Pentaho adds native integration with MongoDB

A leading open source Business Intelligence player and a NoSQL darling integrate their products as the broader worlds of Big Data, BI and NoSQL grow ever more intertwined themselves.

Today at MongoNYC, the annual MongoDB confab, open source Business Intelligence (BI) player Pentaho and MongoDB developer 10gen announced native integration between their respective products.

This is a big deal. In yesterday's post on Cloudant, I mentioned that NoSQL and Big Data overlap quite a bit. In numerous previous posts I've discussed the commonalities between the BI and Big Data worlds.  Today's announcement brings together leading open source BI and NoSQL players, making the Big Data-BI-NoSQL triumvirate complete.

By creating native connectors between Pentaho and MongoDB, both products benefit.  Pentaho gains connectivity to a data source of growing importance and, in pushing data down to Mongo, benefits from the NoSQL database's high performance and distributed architecture.  Mongo, on the other hand, gains from Pentaho a data visualization, analytics and data exploration story, and a visual data management workflow facility.  This adds some enterprise lustre that the NoSQL renegade really needs.

I expect I'll be speaking with both companies in the near future and will provide further analysis on these products and their integration.  And in just over a week, on May 31, Pentaho is presenting a public Webinar titled "Delivering World-Class Big Data Analytics with MongoDB and Pentaho" featuring the CTOs from both Pentaho and 10gen.  You can register for the Webinar right now.

I expect partnerships like this will continue and that it's only a matter of time before merger and acquisition activity begins in the Big Data world, just as it took place in the BI world before it.  Do you have thoughts or predictions on Big Data alliances and consolidation?  Share them in the comments section below.