Penveu electronic pen could replace whiteboards

Smart boards may soon give way to smart pens.

Penveu by Interphase

Smart boards may soon give way to smart pens. Electronics company Interphase has developed Penveu: an interactive pen that offers an alternative to the expensive whiteboard systems that have become commonplace in classrooms. Though it may seem like not that long ago that electronic whiteboards replaced traditional dry erase boards, Interphase aims to push the technology even further with this product.

Penveu works on a screen, wall, projection screen or any other sort of surface. The wireless pen allows users to either "write" directly on the surface or write by motioning from up to 40 feet away. The pen has storage capacity of either 8 or 32GB, allows users to choose from a variety of colors and line widths, and contains a "locate pen" function for when it goes missing.

Two versions, one for education and one for business, will hit the market later this year and cost $499 and $699, respectively. As schools around the country face budget cuts, Penveu may be able to keep innovation in the classroom.

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