Pepsi's epic marketing fail

Merging soda pop and the word "rape" isn't likely to do the brand's reputation any good.

The logo's font was not well thought out, it seems.

When company design and marketing teams get together, some of the standard rules for promotion include keeping things simple, clean, and memorable.

Pepsi's partnership with Japanese clothing company BAPE (A Bathing Ape) certainly ticks the last requirement.

As posted on Imgur, the cross brand between Pepsi and the Japanese firm's sub-brand Aape, combined with a very poor choice of lettering, has yielded a disastrous result. Instead of displaying the Aape "A," the selected typeface makes the letter look far more like an "R" -- transforming "Aape" into "Rape."

This is certainly a slogan few will be able to forget.

The error was picked up by a member of the general public -- rather than the companies' marketing teams -- and has taken Reddit by storm. Considering how large and widely respected the Pepsi brand is, it is surprising this error was not picked up before posters went to print.

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Image credit: Imgur

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