'Personal' Dark Web service removes corporate cyberthreat blindness

The new service dives into the murky Dark Web to track your stolen data, hacktivism, insider threats and hackers willing to break into your network.


A new service launched by SurfWatch Labs aims to give the enterprise insight into cyberthreats originating from the Dark Web.

The Dark or "Deep" Web is an unindexed and difficult to access layer of the Internet. Often only accessible through tools which protect users who wish to remain anonymous -- such as the Tor browser -- the average user has no need to ever step foot in the arena.

The Dark Web is not purely for illegal means, considering the amount of users who tap into the framework with the overall aim of being untrackable -- such as journalists and activists -- but it is still well-known for trade in illicit items such as drugs and weaponry. Websites ran by cybercriminals in this darker layer can also be used to sell stolen data.

This murky layer of the Web can prove to be a problem for businesses. Without the skillset needed to dive in and discover if they are at risk, being unable to see this blind spot can leave corporations unprepared for future cyberattacks.

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SurfWatch Labs intends to tap into this niche in the market. Founded in 2013 by former US Government intelligence analysts, SurfWatch Labs specializes in cyber risk intelligence and applications.

On Tuesday, the firm launched the "Personalized Dark Web Intelligence Service." Anchored in the concept of risk management, the personalized surface provides in-depth research and analysis of an organization's threat and risks stemming from the Dark Web.

A dossier compiled of cyberthreats includes the exploration of threats and associated risk from:

  • Hacking for hire
  • General and specific cyberexploits for sale
  • Vulnerabilities for sale
  • Stolen intellectual property, designs and counterfeits
  • Spam and phishing campaigns for hire
  • Doxxing and investigation for hire
  • Hacktivist targeting forums
  • Insider threat for hire

Jason Polancich, Founder and Chief Architect at SurfWatch Labs commented:

"Traditional cyber threat intelligence feeds can't provide an organization with the necessary insights around what sensitive information was stolen and how it is being used and sold on the Dark Web.

This personalized cyber risk intelligence service we're offering provides organizations with their own concierge service, if you will, for understanding the risk they face from the Dark Web and even 'darker' sources that could harm a business such as illicit trade in stolen IP or malware-laden spam delivery."

The service does not come cheap, however, and businesses interested in securing insight into the functions of the Dark Web can expect to pay $100,000 per year -- which also includes licenses to SurfWatch C-Suite and Cyber Risk Cloud.

As an extension of the new service, the cybersecurity firm has also formed a partnership with DarkNet BlackOps Intelligence (DBI). DBI works with a number of intelligence agencies and has "on the ground" investigations to compile risk profiling of threat actors.

Celia Alcantara, CEO of DBI said the partnership will give subscribers rapid access to the "darkest parts of the cyber world" and a better understand of what information of theirs has been breached so effective response plans can be formed.

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