Personalize your MacBook with a custom decal

My MacBook now has Pac Man fever, thanks to a MegaVinyl decal

How do you differentiate your laptop in a work environment loaded with MacBooks?

I recently was challenged with this at my day job (Mobiquity). We standardized on Mac and the 13" MacBook Air is everywhere. The likelihood of me leaving my MacBook behind is pretty slim, but since it's practically an appendage, I searched for ways of making mine look a bit different. Enter MegaVinyl.

A number of people at my office have decals on their MacBooks but I wanted something a bit different. After much searching, I found myself on Etsy, and more specifically, at MegaVinyl. Being a retro gaming fan, I hunted far and wide for just the right way of expressing myself. I finally landed on Pac Man, and I couldn't be happier.

For the low price of $12.45, including shipping, I now have Pac Man, literally ON my MacBook.

The decal is made of high quality vinyl, and according to the seller, it uses 3M vinyl and special Eco-friendly solvent inks that are UV resistant and very durable.

To make sure that it would fit my 13" MacBook, I highlighted that it was going on a 13" MacBook Air, n the purchase notes. The decal arrived with easy to follow instructions, and is also pre-masked, so you can install it exactly like the picture on the site.

You can see the picture of my laptop lid below. MegaVinyl also offers decals for iPhones, iPads and other devices, so be sure to check out the site for more.