Peter Mandelson gives thumbs up to UK Web design

Peter Mandelson, Minister Without Portfolio, had words of praise for British Web designers, as he delivered a pre-dinner speech to the Yell Web Awards at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in London's Piccadilly this afternoon.

He told a packed event "I had not quite realised, until I had seen the material for today's event, quite how high and innovative the standards really have become in this area...they really are overwhelming"..."I hope these awards will really help to raise the profile of UK design, and UK capabilities on the Internet".

Mandelson approved of the colour yellow, and praised the organisers 'Yell', the Web site of the Yellow Pages, for organising the awards, but was at pains to stress that Yellow Pages would not be granted any special access to government in return for their efforts, and added that his appearance at today's dinner was entirely voluntary. Voluntary or not, it still enabled Mandelson to spend 90% of of his speech talking up the Millennium Experience, rather than Web design.

High praise for the winners though, "I was not surprised that the London Standard's 'This is London' site won the Site of the Year Award.It is certainly a top quality site, but then it also deals with a top quality city".

The following Web sites picked up awards at today's event:-

Site of the Year -

Most Innovative Web site -

Best Commercial Web site -

Best Non-Commercial Web site -

Best Personal Web site -

Best Online Publication -

Best Online Banner Add - "The judges did not select a winner in this category, as they felt the banner ads entered did not represent the best of their kind, and they had seen more creative solutions on the Internet."

Best Entertainment Web site -

Best Web Design Agency -

Web Users Choice -