Pick up an quad-core Q6600 for $266

From July, the price of an Intel quad-core Q6600 processor will fall to $266.

It's pretty obvious that Intel aren't going to give AMD a break from the non-stop price war that exists between the two companies.  From July, the price of an Intel quad-core Q6600 processor will fall to $266 (when bought in quantities of 1000).

This is bad news for AMDAccording to DailyTech, as of July 22nd, the price of a Q6600 2.4GHz 8MB L2 Core 2 Quad will fall from the current price of $530 to $266.  This is a massive price drop, but it's not just the magnitude of the price cuts that are spectacular, it's the speed.  The Q6600 went for $851 when it was released back in February, so in about six months the Q6600 will have come down in price by $585.

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This is bad news for AMD.  These price cuts come well in advance of AMD's launch of "Barcelona," and way ahead of the launch of "Agena" (quad-core for the desktop) which won't see light of day until the end of the year. 

The Q6600 is Intel's entry-level quad-core Core 2 Quad processor (it's literally two dual-core dies in the one package).  At the new price quad-core computing will be within the price range of many home buyers.  Quad-core support is starting to filter down into games (for example, the Unreal Engine 3 supports quad-core) and users of high-end applications like Photoshop will also benefit from the extra horsepower that four cores offers.  Windows Vista users will also see an improvement in multitasking capabilities.  Even Windows XP users will benefit from having more cores to run tasks. 

So, who wants quad-cores?