Pierre Cardin steps into the tablet game with PC-7006 tablet

Pierre Cardin brings its style to the Android tablet market with the PC-7006, its designer tablet.

The tablet market is getting more and more interesting by the day. The latest company to throw its hat - or handbag or business suit - into the ring is Pierre Cardin with its PC-7006 designer tablet.

An Android tablet through and through, the PC-7006 is a 520g, 7-inch tablet running Android 2.2. With a 1Ghz processor and 512MB RAM, it certainly not the most power Android device on the market. Nor is it the cheapest. At $449, you might be better served going for more than a few competing devices. But, then again, if you did that you wouldn't be able to say you were using a Pierre Cardin tablet, would you?

[Pierre Cardin]