launches new 'Featured Probes' to monitor social activity

As users face an increasing battle with “oversharing” on their social feeds, social content discovery tool is a welcome means of filtering news and information to show us the most popular and relevant results. is a social platform that features content which has been recommended by our friends. The start-up, headquartered in Oslo was founded by hacker and entrepreneur Marius Lian in July 2010.

Frustrated with the flood of irrelevant content in his feeds, he decided to do something about it. Originally called StormDriver, focuses on “instant discovery sharing” -- the ability to see when someone, somewhere, discovers something cool you didn’t know about.

"No one is tackling the issue of excessive and generic content sharing across the social realm". Marius Lian, CEO,

As 23 percent of social media messages include links to content and 50,000,000 pieces of content are shared each day it can be overwhelming to find content that actually interests you.

But there is a really good chance that if your friends are interested in the topic, you might well be too.Ping-i t can alert you to the valuable and relevant content for you.

When users browse the Internet and stumble upon something valuable, they send a signal, a “ping” that means “eureka!”, “I found it” or “it’s awesome here, come and join me”. works differently to tools such as Google+ or Twitter. These platforms require you to create a Google circle or Twitter list for content topics that you already know folks are going to post about.

As the blog puts it: ‘Would you create a G+ circle for “People who get offensive jokes” or a Twitter list for “People who are interested in strange tofu recipes”?’

In May the company launched Probes, content-retrieving apps which collect personalised information for users on topics of choice.

In contrast to the typically passive methods of ‘single-feed subscriptions’, users are able to build what they deem interesting or useful to “probe” for. The community-run network enables a social discovery of content curated by the users themselves, rather than the site’s creators.

Now has announced the addition of four ‘Featured Probes’ which report the most popular pages shared daily across Facebook and Twitter.

The move comes days before the scheduled demise of Google Reader, putting in a unique position with a differentiated product in the on-going battle of RSS readers.

The Probes cover topics such as Most Tweeted Today, Most Liked Today, Most Shared Today and Most Commented Today..

These are curated by’s content discovery engine, which monitors thousands of sites, collecting data about shared content in real time.

Users can easily browse popular content generated by featured Probes and are able to share it further across their social networks.

Marius Lian, CEO and founder of said: “While other companies have focused on copying Google Reader functionalities, no one is tackling the issue of excessive and generic content sharing across the social realm. has launched Featured Probes which are filtered feeds, for showing Internet users exactly what content is most popular throughout the day.”

Watching content flow through the featured Probes will be invaluable to content marketers. Similar content flows through the most tweeted and most shared today Probes. Generally different topics appears in the most liked and most discussed Probes.

Marketers could easily adapt and use this insight to tailor their content to ensure that it is either liked, or shared. Smart filtering by marketers could save users the annoyance of seeing the same old content across every social channel that they visit.

And an automated probe that does this for me is just what I need…