Pinterest introduces P-commerce with price watching pins

Pinterest has made its site a lot more attractive for e-commerce retailers to get higher engagement with customers.

Back in May Pinterest introduced pins such as product pins, recipe pins and movie pins. These pins contained extra information displayed under the pin.

pinterest brand pins
Credit: Pinterest

More information brings more value to both the pinner and the brand. Product pins can get higher click through rates than regular pins. Having the brand logo on the pin can get more visibility for the brand. Any price changes are automatically updated on the pin.

Pins classified as recipe pins now include ingredients, cooking times and serving information whereas movie pins show ratings, reviews and cast lists to provide richer information to pinners.

If you have changed your interface to the new look Pinterest the new icon appears below the image on your pin. This prompts you to access extra information about the product such as price, website rating and reviews.

Now Pinterest has moved closer to an ecommerce partnership with certain brands currently listed on its blog. Now if the price of a product you are interested in reduces, Pinterest will send you an email.

pinterest price watch

All you need to do is to pin the items that you are watching from the brand, Pinterest will do the rest.

If you are following lots of pins, the email will be aggregated so that you do not get flooded with each price change from every brand.

Pins with more information already enrich the pinning experience by bringing more context into your board.

This could significantly change the way that e-commerce attracts business and markets its products.

Now with proactive push notification of price changes, customers will be more tempted to buy from the brand.

Brands can focus on getting the most attractive deals directly to customers that are interested in that particular item -- and targeting already loyal users who follow the brand anyway.

Pinterest’s model of re-pinning interesting pins will ensure that brand prices are propagated across Pinterest users elevating awareness for product items and new lines.

It is a nice move into P-commerce and a sure way of getting offers shared across Pinterest by partner brands – with more brands to follow suit as this initiative grows.