Pipex loses 30,000 Bulldog customers

Many disenchanted Bulldog broadband subscribers fled rather than put their trust in the new owner

Pipex, the ISP that bought the customer base of its troubled rival Bulldog, has revealed that it actually acquired 30,000 fewer customers than it expected.

Bulldog had a base of 110,000 users when the deal was agreed last September, but Pipex said on Tuesday that once the transfer was completed it had only gained 80,000 more customers. It appears that the remaining 30,000 left Bulldog, which has suffered a litany of technical and support problems over the last couple of years, culminating in an Ofcom inquiry.

On the plus side for Pipex, it will now have to pay less than the planned £12.5m to Bulldog's former parent Cable & Wireless for the customer base, because the purchase price was calculated on a per-subscriber basis.

A trading statement released on Tuesday said Pipex's management "remains well pleased with the acquisition".