Pivotal names eBay, Microsoft vet as head of R&D

Hugh E. Williams has specialized in search and information retrieval research and has worked in eBay's marketplace unit and led the research team at Microsoft behind Bing.

Pivotal, EMC's big data startup, said Wednesday that it has named Hugh Williams as head of its research and development efforts.

williams mug

Williams will oversee R&D, quality assurance, product management and technical operations for the application and data fabric teams. Pivotal also has platform as a service and agile development products along with its big data tools.

Before coming to Pivotal, Williams was at eBay and responsible for a team designed to turn around the marketplace business and improve the customer experience as well as technology platforms.

Williams also managed the R&D team at Microsoft responsible for Bing and has researched search engines for more than a decade.

Most of Williams research---he has published more than 100 works and holds 19 patents---revolves around information retrieval.

According to Pivotal, Williams will bring a new perspective to Pivotal One, the company's flagship platform.