Pivotal's incoming APAC CTO plans for major software push

Incoming Pivotal Asia-Pacific field CTO and director for advanced field engineering Jason Jackson believes the next push for Pivotal in the region will be addressing the software layer of the datacentre.

Bringing Pivotal Labs online in Asia will be a key focus for Jason Jackson, current Citrix APAC director of cloud services, when he joins Pivotal as the company's Asia-Pacific field CTO and director for advanced field engineering.

When he starts on August 10, Jackson said he plans to help enterprises address the software layer of their datacentre, explaining that it needs to catch up to the infrastructure.

"The initial point of attack for a lot of companies have been removing legacy infrastructure. But a lot of recent Gartner posts have forecast how much of the world's software services will be rewritten by 2020.

"What happened was that a lot of companies, when they removed their infrastructure, was they continued to use the same legacy software, and somehow they have thrown it on a cloud and just shovelled it up there.

"We're now on the edge of seeing the next phase of that transformation, where the focus won't be on infrastructure as a service ... what we're moving on to now -- since a lot of those problems have been solved -- is the work that needs to be done now, especially in these large organisations, where we need to address the software."

Jackson added that the challenge he looks forward to in his new role will be balancing the disparity that exists between different countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

"Asia is so fractured compared to the US. In the US, they'll look at New York and some town in the Midwest, and they think that's a huge difference. But when you have an APJ role, the diversity is unbelievable, and that's going to bring its own complications and initial challenges," he said.

Jackson said he will initially focus on companies that are multinational corporations, and not necessarily Asian companies.

"They will have some of their teams in APAC, and there will also be a push in Japan and Korea, as well as China. Pivotal already has a pretty good presence in Australia," he said.

"A lot of the conversations with people that I've had is that they've been open to embracing new technology, and are very forward thinking, but they're just not totally sure which trigger to pull."