Plastics recycling.... the bane of ewaste

Plastics are the scurge of the I.T recycling industry.

Plastics are the scurge of the I.T recycling industry. Unlike all other components of weee (cases, circuit boards, cables and even backup batteries) which can have recoverable materials with residual value, plastics are of such low value that large quantities are needed to really generate interest on the open market.

So, the solution: We've installed a granulator, which simply turns the old plastic parts into small granules, meaning that we can store more of the by-product and generate some interest in re-using the material.

It's not as easy as it seems though. Plastics use among I.T manufactrers hasn't been streamlined. There's a myriad of colours and many different types of plastic. Even so, we think we've got it licked and can now store an estimated 3 tonnes of the material for re-processing into new consumer goods (it'll probably form part of your new computer!).


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