Play our SAP Sapphire drinking game

Join us in playing our SAP Sapphire Now drinking game. You say business solutions, we say bottoms up!

We at ZDNet have been to our fair share of corporate conferences, and there's no better example than SAP's Sapphire Now symposium happening this week in Orlando, Fla.

In between glad-handing with tech's finest and meetings to get the lowdown on the enterprise, there are several keynote presentations that dot the week's agenda. They also happen to be excellent examples of corporate culture in action.

In celebration of this -- and in anticipation of the keynote presentation that will begin in just 15 minutes -- we present to you our special SAP Sapphire drinking game.

For each mention of:

DRIVE or DELIVER: take a drink!

EFFICIENCY: take just a sip. (you glutton!)

ECOSYSTEM: take a drink from each bottle.

TRANSFORMATION: drink the beverage held by the person next to you.

CUSTOMER (OR SHAREHOLDER) VALUE: pour a drink for the person next to you.

INNOVATION: drink directly from the bottle.

ROI: take two drinks!

INTEGRATION: everyone take a drink!

CRITICAL (MASS, or anything else): everyone take two drinks!

SOCIAL MEDIA: take a drink, then tweet about it.

STRATEGIC (PRIORITIES, or anything else): tweet about it, then take a drink.

GAME-CHANGER: don't take a drink. (tricky!)

..and for each use of a stock photo, shout "Innovation!" at the screen.

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Photo: lecates/Flickr