PlayFirst abandons PC/Mac market for greener mobile pastures

PlayFirst calls it quits on PC and Mac, doubling down on iOS and Android instead. Flo fans will just have to go buy a tablet to get their daily dash on.

PlayFirst Diner Dash

Well, it's official: mobile games really are taking over the world. PlayFirst, one of the industry's best known casual gaming brands, has announced that as of next month they are abandoning the PC and Mac markets to focus solely on iOS and Android.

PlayFirst games include Diner Dash, Wedding Dash, Hotel Dash, Doggie Dash, Parking Dash, Garden Dash, and even SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash.  They also published Avenue Flo, Chocolatier, NightShift Legacy, Spellagories, Trijinx, and more. In all, over 2400 PC/Mac games are being discontinued.

If you have purchased a PC/Mac game from them over the past few years, you are encouraged to go to their web site and download a copy of your software and digital unlock keys now. Otherwise you might not be able to continue playing the games you have already paid for.

Here's the mail they sent out to customers today:

Dear PlayFirst Fans,

We have a special announcement to share with you today. After an amazing 6 years of developing PC and Mac-based computer games, we have made the decision to discontinue the production and support for these titles. Although you will not be able to purchase any of our PC/Mac titles from the PlayFirst website, third party retailers will continue to sell our games. We will be releasing a list of official retailers shortly.

On Monday the 12th of November, we will be launching a brand new website. In order to avoid losing your digitally purchased games, we encourage all of our players to download and store a copy of their unlock keys and game clients somewhere safe. To do this:

The PlayFirst customer support team will continue to answer your PC/Mac questions until November 11th. If you have questions regarding any of our PC/Mac games or encounter an error after this date, please check the PlayFirst Knowledge Base for information on how to fix them.

Any additional questions regarding your products should now be sent to the company from which you bought the game. If you have any questions regarding the transition and/or how to access your games, feel free to consult the dedicated knowledge base article. For any matters not covered, our customer support team can assist.

While it was a hard decision to discontinue production and support for PC/Mac games, we feel it is for the best. We have established a firm position as one of the leading producers for iOS mobile applications and are currently working on implementing our games into the Android marketplace.

We cannot possibly express how much we appreciate the support from our fans over the past 6 years, particularly the PC/Mac community. We understand this may be a hard transition for some but we promise our new games will be bigger and better than ever!

-- The PlayFirst Team

In addition to PC, Mac, and mobile games, PlayFirst has a catalog of over 1000 free online games on their web site. As of yet, the company has not announced any plans to curtail that list.

Is this another sign of the "Post-PC era" we keep hearing about? Let us know what you think in the comments.