PlayStation Store finally returning to Japan

Sony is finally bringing its PlayStation Store back to Japan, two months after services were suspended following a hacker break-in.

Sony has announced plans to reopen its PlayStation Store in Japan on July 6. The PlayStation Store in Japan has been offline since April, and while access to the store has been available for the rest of the world for the last month, Sony needed more time to get the store ready for Japan.

Sony took the PlayStation Network offline on April 20th after hackers broke into PSN servers and stole personal information associated with more than 70 million user accounts. Information stolen included user IDs, e-mail addresses and passwords. Sony didn't rule out that credit card information may have been stolen, but that fear has largely been put to rest.

Sony offered afflicted users with free credit card monitoring and access to free games.

Sony restarted services in North America and elsewhere in May, and access to the PlayStation Store followed in June. But Sony has left Japanese PSN users without PlayStation Store access since then.

Sony stalled PlayStation Store access at the behest of Japanese government regulators, who wanted the company to put in place more stringent controls to keep sensitive credit card information out of the hands of hackers.

Sony estimates that the PlayStation Network shutdown has cost it $170 million.