Please Apple, stop this petty litigation!

Another day, another Apple lawsuit trying to prevent competition.

Another week passes and Apple has once again forced legal action to stop HTC from selling Android phones. This follows successful litigation against HTC that forced them to make slight changes in the way HTC phones worked. Apparently Apple believes the changes HTC made aren't significant enough to protect Apple's great innovation. I don't think I am in the minority when I state that I am getting very tired of all the litigation for apparently little gain.

That's right, I believe it's time for Apple to stop this litigation nonsense and let the market work as it should. It's not like any company Apple goes after is confusing the market and stealing its business. Look at the numbers -- Apple is dominating the entire mobile industry by producing good products so why isn't that enough?

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It's entering the seamy realm of petty behavior, all of this non-stop litigation. It's not like Apple needs to do this to stay on top, its products achieve that. Why isn't that good enough?

Legend has it that Steve Jobs hated Android to the point of wanting to destroy it. That must be true as it seems to be behind the constant global litigation that Apple keep instigating. Enough is enough, please stop this and compete in the market, not the courtroom.

Fact is, if Apple has it in for Android then why not go directly after Google and the platform itself? Not keep suing one company or another that merely uses the platform. It's not like competing products are confusing buyers into thinking they are getting Apple products when they buy from the competition. It's beginning to seem downright petty, and that isn't good for anyone, least of all consumers.

Every company wants to protect its innovation, I understand that. But just because the broken patent system lets simple changes be patented doesn't mean it's right, and it doesn't mean you should keep suing to stop competition, Apple.

You make good products that speak for themselves (even answer), and that should be good enough. Are you afraid of the competition, Apple? You shouldn't be, and if that's not the reason behind the constant legal gymnastics then maybe you really are just being petty.

Apple, you are legitimately winning on the only battlefield that matters, the consumer marketplace. Let that be enough and stop this legal shenanigans. It's getting really old, and doesn't make you look good at all.