Pocket eyes monetization angle with new analytics for publishers

The little digital-news-reader-app-that-could is embracing big data and turning it around for publishers.


After a startup with a nifty mobile app makes a big splash, then it becomes game time to prove how the product can be monetized.

Pocket, also formerly known as Read It Later, is embracing the big data trend and rolling out an analytics dashboard of its own to get publishers interested.

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For reference, the premise behind Pocket is simple: Internet users can essentially bookmark and save full articles (most of the time) from online sources to be read on their mobile devices or even desktops later -- even when offline.

That idea of setting content aside for later taps into a much larger digital trend at play, which is more often displayed through Netflix and Hulu. That is being that consumers want to consume digital content on their own schedules at their own pace from virtually anywhere.

But one of the problems this presents for publishers of any kind of digital content is tracking how and when that content is consumed when away from an Internet-connected device.

The makers at the San Francisco company are basically trying to fill in some of those gaps with this analytics dashboard, dubbed quite simply, "Pocket for Publishers."

According to Pocket, publishers can now access a custom dashboard to view "the extended life of their stories or videos over weeks and months," including lists of top content and authors as well as metrics about longevity and engagement.

Furthermore, Pocket is letting publishers optimize their content for the app (and further engage with readers) with custom messages when articles are saved and integration with other popular digital news readers such as Flipboard and Twitter.

Interested web publishers can start signing up today for access to Pocket's new service.

Image via The Official Pocket Blog