Pocket-sized Linux and Windows 2000 computer

The Saintsong Espresso, a miniature and powerful multiplatform PC

A pint-sized but very powerful little computer capable of running Linux and Windows 2000 has been unveiled by Taiwanese electronics company Saintsong.

Weighing 460g with the dimensions 150mm x 106mm x 32mm, the Saintsong Espresso is not much bigger than an MP3 player but it offers all the power, functionality and trimmings of the average desktop PC.

It can be fitted with any Intel Celeron or Pentium processor guaranteeing some punchy performance despite its diminutive dimensions.

The Espresso also comes with all the ports and found on most PCs and even includes a touch sensitive control onboard screen for ease of use.

This device could even therefore be employed a fully functional and portable, not to mention pocket sized, Web server as well as a desktop system,

Saintsong describes its plucky little invention as the computing platform for the new millennium and predicts that this is the future shape of personal computing.

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