Podcast: Virtualize On Blades Without A Pain In The Neck

Don’t let a blade be your nemesis. Learn what to watch out for so you can become an immortal superhero in your data center!

VIRTUMANIA Podcast Episode 22Virtualize On Blades Without A Pain In The Neck.

Rich Brambley (@rbrambley) of VMETC and Rick Vanover (@rickvanover) of RickVanover.com host special guests and blade server experts Kevin Houston (@kevin_houston) of bladesmadesimple.com, Brian Knudtson (@bknudtson) of bknudt.net, and Jason Perlow (@jperlow) of ZDNet's Tech Broiler blog.

This week’s episode includes a discussion on the pros and cons of virtualization and server consolidation with blade servers that would make even Wesley Snipes proud.

Don’t let a blade be your nemesis. Learn what to watch out for so you can become an immortal superhero in your data center! VIRTUMANIA ia an Infosmack Production.

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