Podio gifting platform to college students worldwide for free

Podio is expanding its presence worldwide by giving up its app creation platform to students for free.

Podio is taking its online work platform for collaboration and project management, and making it free for university students worldwide.

The platform, touted as a space where "anyone can create apps to get their job done," is actually already free for small teams, but lacks some of the resources found in the full-fledged version. That subscription starts at $8 per employee per month.

Podio reps admit that company leaders "talk a lot about the 'future of work' at Podio" (which I learned first-hand, in detail during a panel discussion along Podio's world tour this past June), but that this venture makes senses as college students are the future of work.

More specifically, Podio is looking towards getting its product in the door with students because the company sees them as traditional "early adopters of new technology, and are already connecting and collaborating like never before."

Podio also cited that since its launch in March, students at more than 350 universities around the world have already started collaboration workspaces using the company's online platform.

Early participants in Podio's university program will belong to AIESEC, self-dubbed as the world's largest student-run organization as it has programs in over 110 countries with more than 60,000 members globally.

College students can start signing up for free accounts for Podio's university program starting today. Furthermore, students can nominate themselves to represent Podio as a "campus captain," which could lead to a potential scholarship with Podio's "Future of Work" program in Copenhagen.

For a closer look at Podio and why "your tool matters" (that's the name of the video), check out the promo video below: