Polar rolls out Android smart notifications for V800 GPS sport watch

Polar continues to make one of the best GPS sports watches even better. iOS users no longer have exclusive access to smartphone notifications.

I've been running with the Polar V800 for a couple of months and am getting faster and fitter.

When I wear the Polar V800 as a daily watch (the battery lasts forever), I am more apt to run and move than when I wear a smartwatch. The V800 launched with support for iOS notifications, but since I use an Android device more than an iPhone I didn't get much benefit from that functionality.

Yesterday, Polar announced an update for Android smart notifications on the Polar V800. I connected the USB cable and updated both the V800 and the Polar Flow app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Notifications have now started appearing on the V800.

This new update provides notifications for incoming calls, messages, social networks apps, calendar appointments, and more. Notifications are felt with a vibration on the V800. In typical Android fashion, there are more options for notifications on this platform than on iOS.

You can setup a range of time to not be disturbed and block notifications for specific applications if you do not want to see them appear on your Polar V800.

It will take some time to figure out the right balance of notifications for Android and also evaluate any possible impact on battery life. Given that the V800 lasts for weeks, I don't see battery life being an issue here.

It's fantastic to see Polar continue to roll out updates and offer improvements for the V800. It is an amazing device for those serious about fitness and gets better all the time.

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