Police create online crime busting service

Police hope Web site will encourage people to report criminals
Written by Will Knight, Contributor on

The public will soon be able to report suspected criminals to the police via a secure Web site. The first of these sites is being tested out in Bradford, Yorkshire.

It is hoped the Bradford Crimebeat scheme at www.bradfordpolice.co.uk will help catch racists, kerb crawlers and drug dealers in Bradford. Informants can fill in a confidential form with information about suspected criminals and details of their activities.

The officer involved with this pioneering project Chief Superintendent Stuart Hyde told The Independent: "We want to provide every means possible for people to inform us about criminal activity that they're aware of. We know that the site will get rubbish on it but I'm hoping for the little gems of information that will get through."

A similar service is currently offered in the US at www.cybersnitch.com.

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