Police tech agency chasing £1bn savings by 2015

Shared services and cheaper IT hold key to efficiencies

Shared services and cheaper IT hold key to efficiencies

The organisation that provides IT services and high-tech equipment to the police is on course to save national policing £1bn by 2015, according to the agency's CEO.

The National Policing Improvement Agency's (NPIA) CEO Peter Neyroud outlined how police will achieve the savings at the Association of Chief Police Officers APA conference in Manchester yesterday.

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NPIA CEO Peter Neyroud claims that the agency will save national policing £1bn by 2015
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A total of £200m of the £1bn saving will come from reductions in spending on police IT, with a further £75m coming from police forces setting up shared service centres to deliver back office functions, such as HR and finance.

Other savings will be delivered through changes to business and workflow processes and to non-IT procurement.

Speaking at the conference, Neyroud said it is his ambition for the NPIA to deliver a minimum saving of £2 for every pound that is spent on the agency.

Neyroud said that £150m of the £1bn efficiency savings will be delivered in the 2010/11 financial year - equivalent to one third of the agency's £466m budget for 2010/11.

The NPIA delivers critical national IT infrastructure supporting frontline police operations such as the Police National Computer, the national fingerprint database, the Airwave radio system and the National DNA Database.

Since it was established in 2007, the NPIA has been able to cut its own budget by 20 per cent.