Politicians call for Tube mobile coverage review

Terrorism threat looms large...

Terrorism threat looms large...

The Liberal Democrats have called for a rethink of plans to make mobile phones work on the Tube following the London bombings earlier this month.

The Lib Dem members of the Greater London Assembly claim mobiles will pose a risk to the transport system as they can be used to detonate bombs remotely.

The Madrid train bombing saw mobiles used as detonators, although it was the phones' alarm functions and not any wireless signal which was used to set off the explosives.

Transport for London, however, will not be conducting a review and is continuing with plans to equip the London Underground network with mobile transmitters.

The Lib Dems are also calling for the westward extension of the congestion charge to be scrapped to free up funds to improve London's security as part of a 10 point plan, to be released today, aimed at making the capital the safer.