Poll: Can the Q10 and its keyboard win back users for BlackBerry?

We'd like to know if the new BlackBerry Q10 is going to be enough to win back former BlackBerry users from Android and iPhone and retain BlackBerry's long-suffering loyalists.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins will deliver the keynote at BlackBerry Live on Tuesday. | Image: Sarah Tew/CNET

BlackBerry still faces a mountain of challenges, but what a difference a year makes. This time last year, BlackBerry had little to show at its annual event and enthusiasm for the brand and the platform were at an all-time low. This year's BlackBerry Live 2013 in Orlando is headlined by the arrival of the Q10, a device that combines BlackBerry's traditional hardware keyboard with the modern BlackBerry 10 software.

While there could be other announcements at BlackBerry Live—possibly a new lower-cost BlackBerry 10 device—the Q10 is likely to be the star of the show. It appeals to the die-hard BlackBerry fans who still covet a real keyboard for its messaging speed and accuracy, and there are early indications that the Q10 is selling well.

For those former BlackBerry lovers who have jumped to iPhone or Android, we'd like to know if the Q10 is tempting to switch back. And for those current BlackBerry users, we'd like to know if the Q10 is enough to keep you around. As a result, we have a set of two polls that cover those questions over on TechRepublic. Please answer the one that bet fits your situation. Click the link below to take the quick poll.

Take the Q10 poll on TechRepublic.

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