Poll: How many apps have you downloaded to your smartphone?

Are you app-rehensive or are they vital app-endages?

Are you app-rehensive or are they vital app-endages?

With well over 400,000 iPhone apps - including our own excellent silicon.com iPhone reader app - and 300,000 Android apps in existence, there are plenty of download options for smartphone fans.

But how many of those apps are you willing to download onto your own precious handset?

When it comes to apps does your appetite know no bounds? Or are you super selective about which icons you add to that tiny screen?

Let us know how many apps you've downloaded to your smartphone by taking our latest silicon.com reader poll.

Simply click the option you agree with and hit 'vote', and the result so far will be revealed. We'll publish the final findings in a few weeks.

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You can also share your thoughts on what the best apps are by posting a comment below.