Popular Dolphin Browser comes to the iPad with tabs and gestures

The popular Android web browser, Dolphin Browser, makes its way to iOS and is now available for free on the iPad. Tabbed browsing, browsing with gestures, and more are supported.

My favorite browser on the HTC Flyer is Dolphin Browser HD (you will learn why in my upcoming Android browser comparison) and I just received word that you can now download and install Dolphin Browser for the Apple iPad (iTunes link). There are some amazing features in this browser on the iPad that I imagine will soon make it my favorite on iOS as well.

Dolphin Browser for the iPad brings the following to the iPad:

  • Gesture Browsing: By drawing a "T" to bring up Twitter or a "F" for Facebook, iPad users can now train their very own Dolphin and create any Gesture they want.
  • Dolphin Webzine: With Dolphin Webzine, Dolphin brings the elegance of a magazine to website content. In Webzine, iPad users can access articles on their favorite website by scrolling down the page, or by swiping right to left. Then simply tap to open the full article in an elegant format. From Techcrunch to Cosmopolitan, Webzine brings elegance to reading on the web.
  • Speed Dial: Visit your favorite sites on the go with one touch. No need to type out long URLs on the iPad’s keyboard, simply input your favorite sites on Speed Dial and access them with one click.
  • Tabbed browsing: Dolphin was the first mobile browser to support multiple tabs. No need to toggle in and out of screens—tabbed browsing lets you open and switch between pages with ease.
  • Left and Right SideBars: Dolphin removes the inconvenience of a small screen with multiple SideBars, enabling a larger, more comprehensive browsing experience. Swipe to the right and quickly launch the Tab Bar. Swipe to the left and browse your Bookmarks Bar, browsing history and folders.

Check out a walkthrough in the video below:

The tabbed browser and gestures look great and I can't wait to download and try it out on my iPad. It is available now in the App Store for FREE. Are you interested in alternative browsers on your iPad?