Posterous follows the personal curation trend, introduces "Spaces"

Taking a hint from Google+ Circles, and Facebook's new Inline Profile Controls, Posterous launches "Posterous Spaces," available on the web or on their iPhone and Android applications. As a Posterous user, would you use this new feature?

Earlier in the week Posterous announced its launch of Posterous Spaces. It's clear that all the positive feedback about Google+ Circles prompted both Facebook's addition of Inline Profile Controls and now Posterous Spaces.

Introducing Posterous Spaces from Posterous on Vimeo.

The other cool thing about this update is that the Spaces feature is also included in the Posterous Android and iPhone mobile apps so that you can make sure that your content is organized and flowing to the right group of people every time. They've also added a couple new features including a new reading experience, 3x faster load times, and five new professional looking themes. If you are a new blogger, or an experienced blogger who likes things simple, accessible and easy-to-use, Posterous is a great solution for you.