Power management software tracks multinational energy rates

The latest edition of Verdiem's Survey energy management platform includes more comprehensive reporting for companies with multiple locations across different countries.

By now, it is unlikely that your technology and facilities teams still need to be convinced that it is a good thing to conserve energy consumption. There also are plenty of software applications to help out with same. One of the better known ones, Verdiem Surveyor, has just been updated to focus on the needs of businesses that need to manage utility rates across more than one country and in more than one currency.

The software, Verdiem Surveyor 6 Spring Edition, includes new features that can help track time-of-use rates across multiple geographies. The application helps with capturing and corralling all this data so that companies can have a holistic view of what is happening with consumption, not just a view that is country-specific.

Surveyor 6, for example, can be used to associate certain devices (such as personal computers or servers) with certain locations. That information could be used, in term, to create a localized energy policy.

You can also use the software to compare energy usage and costs at different locations. So, you might imagine a scenario in which power consumption could be considered when making a decision about where to set up a new team or establish a new office location.


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