Pres supports net neutrality, USPS hacked, FBI pwns dark web [Government IT Week]

Everyone seems slightly shocked that the US president has come out in favor of net neutrality (he supported it before he won the White House), US Postal Service employee database was hacked (let's not go postal, folks), and the FBI took down 400 dark web sites. Plus more tasty govern-minty news from around the world. Read on.

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Top stories this week

Obama calls for net neutrality, Internet service as a utility
In a surprise statement in favor of net neutrality, President Obama calls for the Federal Communications Commission to reclassify Internet service as a utility.

Hackers hit US Postal Service networks, employee data grabbed
China is high on the list of suspects as President Obama meets with the Chinese premier to discuss, among other things, cybersecurity.

Beyond Silk Road 2.0, over 400 'dark web' Tor sites seized by FBI
Hundreds of darknet websites have been identified and taken down -- and the Tor Project isn't sure how.

Understanding the Indo-US trade wars: An introduction
India and the United States were once looked upon as 'natural allies'. How did things go so terribly wrong?

Other government coverage around ZDNet

Turnbull proposes shared wireless spectrum market
A new discussion paper released by the Department of Communications is calling for greater sharing of the country's radiofrequency spectrum in a bid to free up space as it approaches a bandwidth shortage in the accommodation of emerging wireless technology.

Brazil leads creation of Internet governance initiative
The country's steering committee teams up with ICANN and WEF to create "essential mechanism" that will influence the way the global Internet is run.

Jive Software launching comms platform for US Department of Veterans Affairs
More than 300,000 Veteran’s Health Administration clinicians and staff will have access to a new tailor-made service by Jive Software.

AFP's 'self-proclaimed LulzSec leader' arrest claim based on joke
When officials from the Australian Federal Police claimed that they had arrested the 'self-proclaimed leader of LulzSec' Matthew Flannery, it was based on one joke comment made on Facebook.

Alleged Silk Road 2.0 owner arrested in San Francisco
US law-enforcement officials have warned that they will 'return as many times as necessary' to shut down underground illicit websites, after the arrest of alleged Silk Road 2.0 owner and operator, Blake Benthall, in California.

Spy agency warns of G20 cyber attack risk
Australian businesses have been warned that they could fall victim to cyber attacks during next week's G20 summit in Brisbane.