Printing new skeletons

Video shows how scientists can "print" replacement bones to perfectly fit a patient's body.
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I'm not sure how we missed this brilliant video from January, but it was compelling enough to post. Researchers at Bournemouth University in England show how they can "print" replacement bones.

CT scanners build images of your body parts one thin layer at a time. 3D printers build plastic parts one layer at a time.  Bournemouth University scientists have combined the two technologies by programming 3D printers with images from CT scanners to build human body parts.

The video shows a replacement knee cap, printed to perfectly match a patient's body. SmartPlanet has previously reported on how 3D printers can be used to print jaw bones.

Dr. Richard Wellings predicts that within 10 to 30 years we'll be able to also print human organs, a promising alternative to having to rely on organ donation.

[via Printing Bodies from Owen Griffiths on Vimeo]

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