Privacy Commissioner opens new Telstra privacy investigation

Telstra is again in the Australian Privacy Commissioner's sights, with Timothy Pilgrim stating that his office will open a new investigation into the matter due to the telco's latest privacy bungle.

The Australian Privacy Commissioner has opened a new investigation into Telstra, following its most recent privacy breach.

Last week, Telstra found itself apologising for another privacy breach, after it was revealed that customer data from six years ago was being indexed by search engines.

In a statement, privacy commissioner Timothy Pilgrim acknowledged that his office had been briefed on the matter by Telstra, and that the documents are no longer publicly available.

"Telstra is currently investigating the incident and have started to contact affected customers. I have asked that Telstra provide me with further information on the incident, including how it occurred, what information was compromised, and what steps they have taken to prevent a reoccurrence."

This information will be used in Pilgrim's assessment of whether Telstra violated the Privacy Act.

Telstra previously breached the Privacy Act in 2010, when it sent tens of thousands of letters to the wrong addresses , and again in 2011, when one of its internal tools containing customer data was made public.