Privacy in the UK: Where next?

The government admits that electronic snooping laws in the UK are causing massive legal headache. Now it has to untangle the mess. A ZDNet UK News Focus

Consultation on privacy promised for new year
Thurs 19 Dec:
Following outrage at proposals that would let a wide range of government agencies access personal data, the Home Office is to launch a public consultation Data retention: Who's watching you?
Fri 13 Dec:
The scale of requests from government authorities already accessing communications data in the UK has been revealed during a parliamentary inquiry Snooping laws caught in catch-22
Fri 13 Dec:
Not even Joseph Heller could have dreamt this one up: two laws break a third, but plugging the hole would be illegal. Meanwhile, ISPs face mounting costs ISPs spell out true cost of data retention
Thurs 12 Dec:
AOL alone would need 360,000 CDs a year to store all the data that the government is demanding, and the cost far exceeds the numbers that have been banded around Westminster Home Office: We got data retention wrong
Thurs 5 Dec:
Data retention in the UK is back to square one as the government admits that the secondary legislation it tried to introduce this summer was insufficient to clear up the mess made in primary legislation ISPs revolt against data retention law
Wed 23 Oct:
The government wants ISPs to intercept and retain all Internet traffic, but refuses to answer industry concerns over the process. ISPs say they may not be able to comply UK Government suffers data retention blow
Tues 17 Sept:
Data protection commissioners from various European countries oppose sweeping proposals that would force ISPs to retain communications traffic for up to two years
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